Thursday, January 15, 2015

Easy Ways to Macro Photography With Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is no longer as a device to communicate only. Lots of useful features to support the daily activities and one of them is photography.

Although it can not be equated with a DSLR camera, but with a little trick we can produce stunning photo results and comparable to professional cameras.

One of them is rather difficult to do with the phone's camera is Macro Photography. Here I will give you some tips to produce a beautiful macro photo.

1. Set Focus

The level of difficulty in macro photography using the mobile phone is set to focus. Since most mobile phones today already has an auto focus feature. Arrange the best distance between the camera and the object. Try keep and hold the camera until you get the clearest focus.

2. Play with ISO

If your phone has a manual ISO settings, then you are very lucky. Try playing around with various ISO and choose the best.

3. Lighting

Since the phone has a camera sensor is not as good as a DSLR. And low lighting will produce grainy pictures. Then you should do the shooting in good light. Or use flash if necessary.

4. Additional Lens

Now there are so many cell phone accessories are sold in the market. You can get a macro lens with a range of reasonably priced $ 10 to $ 50. Or you can make your own by using a used microscope or binocular lenses.

That is some trick that I used to do when taking macro pictures using my phone. And try to do the editing using third-party applications to improve the results of your photo.

Let me know if you have more tricks and tips to do Macro Photography with Cellphone.

All picture is taken with my Lenovo S920.